About Sphynx

Sphynx is an exotic looking medium size hairless cat and one that catches people’s attention as soon as they set eyes on them. They are quite unique with their wrinkled appearance and although they look delicate, they are in fact deceivingly heavy for their small size. Over the years, the Sphynx has found a large fan base the world over thanks to their extraordinary looks and the fact they boast such loving and loyal natures.

Pet Name: Sida
Pet Breed: Sphynx Kittens
Sex: Male
Pets Current Age: 9 weeks.
Vaccinations Up-to-Date: Yes
Registered: Yes

Auuhhhh, meet Sida . He is a true little slice of heaven that is sure
to warm your heart and soul. He is like a little bug who rolls on to
his back and kicks his wee legs into the air when you tickle his
belly. This blissful baby boy is such a joy to have around, always
pouncing on your lap the moment you take a seat in hopes you have a
few minutes of “cuddle time” for him. He will gently climb up and tap
your face with his paw and look into your eyes and you just know in
your heart he is saying “I love you”.  If this darling young man has
wiggled himself into your heart, apply for him below before he’s gone

Pet Name : Kiko
Pet Breed : Sphynx Kitten
Sex :        Female
Pets Current Age : 9 weeks.
Vaccinations Up-to-Date: Yes
Registered: Yes

Meet  Kiko!! One of the first things people notice about her when they
meet her is she does NOT like to be left alone. She follows you
everywhere! She has never met a stranger in her life. Once she says
hello, she is your best friend, which is very odd for a female,
normally it takes some warming up to them. Her coat swirled and
twirled with various shades of glorious gold tones. If this lovely
lady has tipped toed into your heart and you can’t imagine life
without her apply for her below before she is gone.