About Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold is quite a unique looking, medium sized cat with their curled back ears and large, brilliant eyes. They are relatively new to the cat world, but since they first appeared on the scene back in the sixties, these adorable cats have found their way into the hearts and homes of people the world over and for good reason. The Scottish Fold is not only unusual looking, but they boast having one of the sweetest and most affectionate natures too.

Pet Name : Dexx
Pet Breed : scottish-fold Kitten
Sex :        Female
Pets Current Age : 12 weeks.
Vaccinations Up-to-Date : Yes
Registered : Yes

Dexx is as sweet as they come! Her luscious coat is silky smooth and
stunning! She loves to prance around the nursery playing with her
friends. The moment you pick her up or pet her she rolls on to her
belly and kicks her tiny feet in the air with delight! Dexx will turn
in circles for endless hours of petting and cuddles, brushing up
against you, showing her love! She is a princess adorned in a stunning
coat which she loves to show off for anyone that will watch.

Pet Name : Smothy
Pet Breed : scottish-fold Kittens
Sex :        Male
Pets Current Age : 6 Montha
Vaccinations Up-to-Date : Yes
Registered : Yes

Auuhhhh, meet Smothy . He is a true little slice of heaven that is sure
to warm your heart and soul. He is like a little bug who rolls on to
his back and kicks his wee legs into the air when you tickle his
belly. This blissful baby boy is such a joy to have around, always
pouncing on your lap the moment you take a seat in hopes you have a
few minutes of “cuddle time” for him. He will gently climb up and tap
your face with his paw and look into your eyes and you just know in
your heart he is saying “I love you”.  If this darling young man has
wiggled himself into your heart, apply for him below before he’s gone.